Versatile HTML PDF Converter To Export HTML to PDF

ExportHTML to PDFThere is hardly a tool to match Total HTML Converter in user friendliness, integrity and speed of work. With the help of this versatile HTML PDF Converter you can convert HTML files to DOC, XLS, PDF, JPG, TIFF or Text files. This converter can manage east codes. You can also make screenshots and convert hundreds of files with just one click on a button by using batch option. Total HTML Converter can be launched via command line, and it integrates into Windows. Therefore, you can manage your files from your desktop through the popup menu.

Total HTML Converter has an option, which allows you to adjust the width of your source HTML pages to the width of your target PDF document. This is a great thing when it comes to formatting graphic tables.

How to Export HTML to PDF

The program's simple and robust interface will make the mastery of the utility a breeze. You don't have to resort to boring and time-taking operations to render but a few files in your desired format. This fast-working tool is manna from heaven in the times when speed is the name of the game!

It does not take any special research to study the program. Just launch the program, and you will have all windows and options right before the eyes. In the folder list, you can choose the folder with files to be converted. When you have selected the folder, you will see HTML files contained in it in the middle window. Select one or more files from the list. The content of the file will be displayed in the right-hand section of the interface, so that you can check and edit the content if necessary. Select one or more files from the file list and click Convert to. The Wizard will help you choose appropriate conversion parameters.

This HTML PDF converter is as effective as it is affordable. It is readily available online, so you can by the registered version for only $49.90. If you have not decided upon buying yet, you can download a free version and practice exporting HTML to PDF over a 30-day trial period. Quite enough to learn the basics and make a rational decision!