What is an HTML PDF Converter?

HTML is actually an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language. This language designed to easily create web pages. As almost every company has a site there are millions of html pages in the web. PDF on the other hand is a standard format of document exchange. PDF files are displayed in the same way on all the screen and printers, which is very important for many businesses. That's why many people search for a solution to convert HTML to PDF.

HTML PDF Converter is exactly the software that makes a PDF copy of the HTML page. It is essential that all the fonts were transferred correctly and the layout of the document was not broken. Many HTML pages have mistakes in html code. For example, the closing tag is missing or there are 2 equal tags in a row. A good HTML PDF Converter can convert such pages too. It just discards the mistakes and the PDF output is great.

HTML PDF Converter from our company guarantees:

Always great results. No matter how complicated your html page is Total HTML Converter will cope with the task. It will quickly and accurately transfer all the data to the PDF file. Total HTML Converter does not bore you with too many settings. You set only those you need.

A truly reliable HTML PDF Converter may cost a fortune. Not in this case. Total HTML Converter is a very affordable solution. Besides, it is available a free trial version (valid for 30 days). Download you copy now and get the best converter convert your files. Total HTML Converter works via user interface as well as via commandl line.