Three Ways to Convert HTML To PDF

Many people prefer to convert HTML pages to PDF for archiving or sending by e-mail. But not many of us know that there are at lest 3 ways to convert HTML to PDF with just one program - Total HTML Converter. Each method is good for particular case. The variety of choice leads to great results.

Convert HTML to PDF via user interface
It's the most common way. Many HTML PDF Converters work this way. You launch the program, select the HTML files and press Convert to PDF button. Depending on the amount of HTML files you get the output PDFs in minutes. That's a good method for beginners as the process is visualized. Besides, it's great to convert large amounts of HTML files.

Convert HTML to PDF From The Desktop
This one is very convenient if you have one file (or a few files) to convert. You select the file on your desktop, make a right-button mouse click and choose Convert to PDF option from the menu. This is also great for beginners. Besides, it's the fastest way to convert a single file - you don't have to launch the converting program.

Convert HTML to PDF via Command Line
This way of converting HTML to PDF is good for computer-savvy people. Once you want to convert HTML files from within other program not evoking the user interface you use command line version.

Total HTML Converter supports all three methods of HTML to PDF conversion. It's so flexible that you always have a tailored to your needs conversion. Convert your HTML files from the desktop or via user interface the result is always accurate and fast. Note that apart from HTML to PDF conversion Total HTML Converter converts HTML to DOC, XLS, TXT, TIFF, JPEG.